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The story of India’s connection with kebabs date back to the times of Mahabharata, where ancient texts mention a dish of marinated meats roasted on large, open fires. As princely states warred in medieval India, the marching soldiers charred meat on their swords for their meals, whereas the royalty infused worldly spices and flavours to make it a true king’s delicacy. From the Middle East to our very own Eastern borders, flavours of kebabs are distinct and there is a specific favourite for every one of us. We have picked the best recipes, mixed the most flavourful ingredients, retained the secrets of the marinade and put it all in one place called Kebabistaan – a one-of- a-kind family restaurant serving a wide assortment of veg, chicken, mutton and fish kebabs, salads, meals, rolls, desserts & drinks. Coming from the stable of Kavi Group, with over 20 years of experience in running food retail businesses in South India, we bring a unique passion of providing tasty, high quality food to the market. And now, we have conjured up a new experience for customers. So join us on this journey through the age or warriors and Nawabs, and indulge in the taste of history! The feast of North, now in South.


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